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 ==== Bruce Hughes ==== ==== Bruce Hughes ====
 +04 May 2021
 +First Karatbars class action lawsuit in the world against the top SA leaders of Karatbars.
 +The law firm Vezi De Beer created an email address specifically for the Karatbars case.
 +kblegal at vezidebeer dot co dot za
 +Please send the following info to them
 +1. Date you opened your Karatbars/Karatbit account
 +2. Proof of how much you funded your accounts with (bank statements or screenshots of your wallet account, preferably both) showing dates of transactions.
 +3. Screenshot of your dashboard showing your amount
 +4. Screenshots of your pending withdrawals if any
 +5. Domicile - The area that you reside in i.e. Pretoria
 === Bio === === Bio ===
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