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start is an OSINT wiki focused on tracking complex Ponzi, MLM, and crypto schemes and exposing the individuals operating them.

The grifters behind these schemes exploit victims without guilt nor shame. They often front, own, or sponsor charities and worthy causes as an extra layer to hide behind.

They are organised career criminals that will prey on the financially illiterate and steal pensions from the elderly. They will take all of your life savings and they will convince you to take a second bond on your home. They are highly convincing and manipulative and they will steal every last cent you have without remorse.

Don't feel sorry for them, be cautious and be careful, and always perform your own due diligence.

Remember, you are dealing with dangerous organised criminals, if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.



Commonly Used Locations

341 Beyers Naude Drive, Johannesburg, is an address in South Africa that many ponzi schemes and dodgy businesses has used as their HQ.

Vocal Promoters

Influencers' Companies & Networking Teams

Promoters are the true driving force behind the success of many of these scams. The same group of people will reach out to their network, promising them high returns for minimal effort. In an effort to highlight this second tier of scammers, here their teams and companies will be listed.

Relevant Laws

  • FAIS Ombud finds advice offered by respondents to be fraudulent, enticing and indicative of a pyramid - Masthead
  • You will soon be able to claim more in the Small Claims court - Business Insider
  • Investor claims victory in alleged Ponzi scam - IOL
  • Ponzi schemes- Who to sue - Marais Muller Hendricks

If you have information, or have been affected by schemes which you suspect are fraudulent investments such as those described on this wiki, the FSCA can be contacted here.

Pyramids in History

Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme Red Flag Guidance

When Scam Artists Get Caught

  • People trusted you and you stole from them, magistrate tells fraudster sentenced to 35 years - IOL
  • Willie Breedt declared bankrupt as investors head to High Court News24

Other Noteworthy Schemes

Threats We've Received

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