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-Currently part of the Board of Directors of MTI as Head of Corporate Services.((Zoom meeting with Peter Muller - [[|YouTube]]))+====== Monica Coetzee ====== 
 +Born 13 November 1973 Monica is currently part of the Board of Directors (NonExec) of [[mti|MTI]] as Head of Corporate Services.((Zoom meeting with Peter Muller - [[ | YouTube]]))(({{::1605699599939.png?400|}}))(({{::1605947030562.png?400|}})) 
 +Although she appears to be trying to clean up her Facebook profile(({{::1608403254816.png?400|}})) she still has links to MTI on her [[ | Twitter]] account(({{::screenshot_20201219-205511_chrome.jpg?400|}})). 
 +Previously a trainer and presenter.(({{monica.jpg}})) 
 +She has a history in legal and estate agency services and holds an NQF4 and NQF5 in Real Estate.(([[|LinkedIn]])) 
 +She also previously promoted [[bitclub_network|Bitclub Network]].(({{::screenshot_20201119-235427_2.png?400|}})) 
 +====== Links ====== 
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