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Bitcaw was the precursor to Coin Buyers Club but an investigation by the Hawks linked their activities to that of BTC Global and scared off their unnamed would-be authorized FSP affiliate as well as forcing them to abandon the company.

People Involved

In the News

BTC Global was first marketed by South Africans using a website, BTC Financials. Locally, in South Africa, BTC Financials was also known as BTC Investment Hub headed by Cheri Ward, Clynton Marks, Andrew Caw, Madelyn Roose (deceased), Russel C  Jerrard . These are the 5 masterminds behind this scam. 
Andrew Caw or one of the other admin opened the Coingate wallet (referred to as ‘WE” in the attached screenshot). Despite Cheri telling everyone that Steven had opened this wallet and provided lots of KYC documentation, it is a complete lie.
Importantly, Steven Twain was based in New York and could never have opened the CoinGate wallet. The USA is not one of the countries supported by CoinGate. With that being said, South Africa is supported by CoinGate so either Andrew Caw must have used his company documents had he opened a wallet as a Merchant, or the other option was to open an account as a Trader.
Andrew Caw distanced himself from the scam saying he had nothing to do with it.  This is very unlikely considering he hosted the frontend website on SquareSpace, was fundamental in the creation of this appalling site, created the Google spreadsheet to calculate returns and one of two Admin who had the login details to the portal other the programmer.
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