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Ponzi Scam: For3x Breakout Kings +97 150 123 5705 [email protected]

For3x breakout kings is a ponzi scam run by Jerome Michaels. Like many typical ponzi scams it claims to offer mathematically impossible returns, even beating those of investors such as Warren Buffet. In this case, for3x breakout kings claims to offer returns of 7% per week!

The company is registered in Dubai and despite being operated from Cape Town, it is not registered with the FSCA.

For more information please see this thread on mybroadband where the members debunk the company and the owner aggressively attempts to defend the company by using barely literate arguments.

Offenders involved in the For3x breakout kings scam

Jerome Michaels - Natasha 'Tasha' Michaels - Liberebil -

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