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Globecoin aka FCOIN/FCOINN seems to have been a precursor to Finalmente Global established around June 2020 paired to ETH and BTC1),after which Finalmente Global pivoted to its new business model - this inference is based on contact details2),crosslinking3) and similarity in Logos. Previously the team had dipped their toes into ICOs with another coin namely Cryptodash

From marketing material

What is Globe Coin?

The goal of the Globe Coin is to disrupt the current state of the blockchain ecosystem. While most ERC-20 tokens offer little to none functionality, Globe Coin aims to use smart contracts in new and innovative ways adapted to quickly evolving requirements of the global financial market. Globe Coin is set to become a game-changing token due to its maximized effectiveness at providing decentralized solutions. From creating customized decentralized crypto exchanges to developing games and tip bots, Globe Coin is designed with optimal usability in mind. The solid foundation of elevated functionality assures vast expansion, quick adoption, and stable development of Globe Coin.

Why you should join ICO?

Globecoin has real usecases, so its a lot more than a tradeable currency. Here are more reasons why you should get in-

- Innovative multi-functional ERC-20 token - Advanced smart contracts technology - Expanded usability: decentralized exchanges, games, tip bots and many more - An experienced team dedicated to decentralized governance - Attractive to investors: high usability assures quick adoption

Globecoin Team

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