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As frustrations mount up, withdrawal issues continue.

Leaders and uplines are starting to lose their veneer of cooperation. 12dec2020_6.jpg 12dec2020_7.jpg


11dec2020_01.jpg 11dec2020_02.jpg 11dec2020_07.jpg 11dec2020_08.jpg 11dec2020_09.jpeg 11dec2020_10.jpg 11dec2020_11.jpg 11dec2020_12.jpg


10dec2020_01.jpg 10dec2020_02.jpg 10dec2020_03.jpg 10dec2020_04.jpg 10dec2020_05.jpg 10dec2020_06.jpg 10dec2020_07.jpg 10dec2020_10.jpg 10dec2020_11.jpg

Without notice, members were receiving error messages regarding OTP emails, and not all emails were received. 10dec2020_12.jpg 10dec2020_13.jpg 10dec2020_14.jpg 10dec2020_15.jpg 10dec2020_20.jpg

After the supposed OTP function had already been running on the system, a notice was sent out to members saying they were testing a new security function that would only be implemented in January. 10dec2020_18.jpg 10dec2020_19.jpg 10dec2020_21.jpg

A badly written, implausible, “factsheet” apparently authored by one his team members, Andrew Lomax, was sent out by one of the leaders, Peter Muller. screenshot_20201211-153216_telegram.jpg


While apparently over 6000 withdrawals were processed, complaints continue to roll in, from account suspensions, withdrawals not paid, to lack of response from support. 9dec2020_4.jpg 9dec2020_5.jpg 9dec2020_6.jpg 9dec2020_7.jpg 9dec2020_8.jpg 9dec2020_9.jpg


Team leaders are starting to threaten users.


Suspended accounts, worried users, missing accounts, missing transactions and delayed payments while Tech Assist sends out messages apologising for the slow server after the upgrade to the faster server.

screenshot_20201208-084421_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201208-084438_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201208-084508_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201208-084535_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201208-084542_telegram.jpg


screenshot_20201208-100819_telegram.jpgscreenshot_20201208-100839_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201208-100908_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201208-100932_telegram.jpg


On this Q&A session, more users can be seen complaining about withdrawals. It is also noted that Johan is not in South Africa as the cars drive on the wrong side of the road.

In this Telegram group, users were asked to list their usernames for a batch mail to be sent to support querying withdrawal issues. screenshot_20201207-122351_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201207-122403_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201207-122424_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201207-122445_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201207-123802_telegram.jpg





Withdrawal issues continued, with members querying the need to escalate issues. screenshot_20201126-204112_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201127-073259_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201126-204053_telegram.jpg

Uplines even began to threaten members with removal from groups for reporting issues too early. img_20201127_191250_186.jpg


A personal email apparently sent from Johann Steynberg apologising for the issues and offering an increased referral bonus.


A notice from the MTI team stating that withdrawals delays had been caught up. img_20201125_073315_711.jpg img_20201125_073320_950.jpg img_20201125_073326_166.jpg img_20201125_073330_025.jpg img_20201125_073334_746.jpg img_20201125_073342_879.jpg



Problems continued unabated as the week ended off. screenshot_20201119-092840_telegram.jpg

There was an official message stating that problems were as a result of changes made to the system, while admitting that problems weren't resolved. screenshot_20201119_121230_org.telegram.messenger.jpg

This came coupled with a renewed drive for an increased membership base. screenshot_20201119-191302_facebook.jpg


This week there have been more notifications that issues be will be rectified by the weekend, along with some telling reasons given for the delays and problems.

With more issues cropping up from worried users. screenshot_20201116-185611_telegram.jpg

For some users, the office run has continued, halting all trading on their accounts.

This user has even been told that funds would be removed from his account for using a system that Cheri herself has used1). screenshot_20201116_133729.jpg

Another user, after complaining about MTI, was removed from the Telegram group before he had a chance to see Cheri's reply - which was filled with inaccuracies and lies. ASCII���Screenshot ASCII���Screenshot ASCII���Screenshot ASCII���Screenshot


And new reasons for withdrawal delays continue to be invented.

Also, and altcoin have prohibited accounts from transfering to or from MTI. screenshot_20201114_101854.jpg

There even appears to be problems administering issues - as this user discovered when he was told his issue had been escalated and resolved - before he'd even told them who he was.


While some are saying their withdrawal issues have been resolved, and blaming everything from the FSCA to journalists, others are still experiencing issues in having their bitcoin show up in their wallets - even though chain analysis has shown their transactions have been finalised. 306c045f-0cc4-42a7-9131-85ccf628dc02.jpeg


Yet another official response to all the issues.

11.11.2020 - more complaints

Official responses have repeatedly stated that the problem has been addressed and resolved. At least five times over the last week. screenshot_20201104-181112_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201107-073136_telegram.jpg screenshot_20201107-073148_telegram.jpg img_20201107_073200_361.jpg screenshot_20201102-180955_telegram.jpgscreenshot_20201102-181018_telegram.jpg

Although four automated response lines were installed, users have been complaining about lack of support. img-20201105-wa0002.jpg

And the complaints are coming in from a variety of angles: screenshot_20201111-073705_telegram.jpg

There is now also a noted technical glitch with the 2FA that was supposed to resolve the withdrawal issues:

And also the newly-installed automated support system:


Multiple members have started complaining about deposits and withdrawals not showing up in their accounts.

This user even tracked his deposit and noticed that it was withdrawn before it had even reflected in his trading account.

Other users have been making waves on Telegram and Facebook groups:

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