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Rich Simmonds


Rich Simmonds,married to Marina Caenazzo,brother of Michael Peter Simmonds,uncle of Nicole Carvalho(previously Simmonds),is a long-time promoter of the latest and greatest schemes that promise passive income with limited effort and minimal risk. His advice that he peddles for investments goes against the long-established norms and investing best practice in terms of his views on risk and diversification (he is against diversification). Rich Simmonds is a South African national, however, relocated to Domodossola, Italy, on 29th November 2019 which is available to see on his public Instagram page.

Per his website he describes himself in the 3rd person by opening with “Disruptive Influencer, Rich Simmonds, Author, Disruptor and Challenger of the Status Quo. Consistently recognized as one of the Top20 Digital Marketing Influencers in the world. Rich is a dynamic facilitator capable of asking the different and disruptive questions that will challenge conventional thinking”. It is unclear which organization recognized him as such. He has since changed his website, but the web archive is available1). A Facebook page called BillionaireBossGlobal had a post linking to a known phone number of Rich,indicating he's either the creator or an admin likely of the page. This page name has changed a few times from its original name of Freedom Global,to ZARFund and eventually the name it now has

Relation to MTI

He appeared to have insider knowledge regarding the launch of MTI, as he was making posts on his Facebook2)3)4)5) page promoting the opportunity before the company was incorporated on 30 April 2019. At time spoke of 1.5% daily profits and the company being FICA-compliant. Both claims would turn out to be unsubstantiated and unsustainable. He is also listed as a Trainer & Presenter for MTI6)

He appears to push MTI so hard to his followers due to his massive returns that he receives through the scheme. Per MTI leaks he had (at the time of the leak) deposited R14,634.27 on 14 August 2019 (near the beginning of the MTI saga). Since then he has managed to withdraw R5,426,239.98 (based on Bitcoin Value at the time) which is a truly miraculous return in such a short period of time. Most of his returns appear to come from his so-called “binary income”. He also has 55 downlines (people under him in the pyramid) including at least 1 duplicate account for himself,cobalt,that was also used as a referral link for others on his website7),his Wife Marina Caenazzo also appears with a substantial Binary and withdrawal total. It is likely that this substantial binary income from MTI is sustaining his lifestyle in Italy as they both claim to have retired thanks to MTI

Since the collapse of MTI Rich has removed all trace of MTI from his Youtube Channel,and made his MTI Team Ubuntu Bulls Facebook page private

Previous Schemes
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