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Crypto Analyzer

Crypto Analyzer goes by the first name of Gary25). His full name is Gary Jeremiah Handley. He's confirmed Irish, living at 3 Dart Close, St. Ives, England, PE27 3JB26). He is a super Ponzi scheme shill that uses his various online profiles and social medial to promote, sell and market various schemes.


Modus operandi

During the promotional phase he lures in unsuspecting victims underneath his pyramid or down line by indicating that he has performed the required due diligence on the scheme. During this phase he tries to sign up as many people as possible by asking people to join using his referral link.

He then proceeds to profit by means on referral bonuses, commissions or incentives from people in his down line, while putting in very little money of his own. During his phase he will withdraw as much as possible, perfectly aware of the impending collapse of the scams he is promoting.

Once the scam collapses, he proceeds to distance himself from the said scam, and scrubs his online and social media accounts of all info related to the said scam and then moves on to the next scam. This is a common exit strategy for promoters and shills to “wash” their social media accounts and delete any evidence that they were involved in past scams upon the collapse. This tactic can be seen in that individuals try to hide and indemnify themselves from any wrongdoing.

His webpage lists various schemes he promotes29), as well as his YouTube channel. According to the MTI stats (PDF), he withdrew 38.195484130000004 BTC, and he had 658 down lines. His UserId was 221296930).

In this video, we can see the due diligence he apparently did to convince his team of the legitimacy of MTI - screenshots below31).

He has apparently withdrawn at least 10BTC From Finalmente 1month before its demise (9 weeks after joining)32) and sent a thank-you bottle of Champagne to Kobus van der Merwe

As of 2020-01 Cryptoanalyzer has started publishing his primary videos to his personal website which requires registration to access,with the majority of video content requiring a premium membership only available to people using Cryptoanalyzer directly as their sponsor33)

Schemes Promoted

Cryptoanalyzer put a notice on his website stating people shouldn't count on getting their funds returned.
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