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Silgonex is described as a physical and digital wealth management system backed by real silver.


Tuesday, 03 August 2021 Case No.: 35728/21 - Final Liquidation of Silgo International (Pty) Ltd t/a CryptoSA (Pty) Ltd t/a Silgonex A final liquidation order has been granted in the above matter. We have decided to support Mr V Victor to be the liquidator herein, as Mr Victor has the necessary knowledge and experience dealing with these matters. We reqeust all investors/ creditors and staff to complete the attached Requisition Form with the applicable supporting documents. Please return these documents to Alta Fourie at Vezi – De Beer Attorneys on the email address: alta @ vezidebeer . co . za. If we can please request your urgency in this regard, as it will assist the Master of the High Court in appointing a liquidator. Once the liquidator has been appointed, the contact details will be shared. We thank you for your patience in this regard.


Official name Silgonex
Launched ~April 2020
Type of Scheme Asset-backed Crypto Ponzi
Type of Exit Payments stopped


Started by Robert Maxwell(of Freedom Global (CEO) and Marius du Plessis (Chief Operating Officer). Silgonex seems to be a localized clone of Karatbars.

People Involved

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