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Karatbars International GmbH


04 May 2021 First Karatbars class action lawsuit in the world against the top SA leaders of Karatbars.

The law firm Vezi De Beer created an email address specifically for the Karatbars case.

kblegal at vezidebeer dot co dot za

Please send the following info to them 1. Date you opened your Karatbars/Karatbit account 2. Proof of how much you funded your accounts with (bank statements or screenshots of your wallet account, preferably both) showing dates of transactions. 3. Screenshot of your dashboard showing your amount 4. Screenshots of your pending withdrawals if any 5. Domicile - The area that you reside in i.e. Pretoria

  • As of Dec 2020,Karatbars seemingly has imploded,with promises of converting and rebooting KCB and KBC to v999

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Karatbars first appeared in 2011 as an MLM focused on Gold-sales,with affiliates buying packages to participate in the comission-sharing in a Binary structure.1). Started by partners Harald Seiz and Josip Heit. Karatbars had failed Crypto ICOs in 2018,and 2019 before a disagreement split the founders (around the time of Karatbars' collapse)

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