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Vincent "Vince" Ward

Previous Schemes


Vincent “Vince” Ward, born 28 May 1990 is currently the Head of International Expansion at Mirror Trading International. He is also the brother of Cheri Ward. He was previously involved in Syntek3) and has a long-standing history of interest in MLMs4).

He seemingly shares his sister's love for the finer things in life, pictured below with a R1.7m Range Rover Sport which was bought with the ill gotten gains from MTI. Vince seems to also share his sister's short temper, swearing at a member of the public questioning the legitimacy of where he obtained the funds to purchase the vehicle.

Although the logical and rational plan of action would be to offer messages of support and join the search party after the disappearance of Johann Steynberg in December 2020, Charlie and other directors of MTI displayed bizarre and unsound behavior.

Following the disappearance of Johann Steynberg, Vince proceeded to scrub his Facebook account of any information relating to MTI. This is a common exit strategy for promoters and shills to “wash” their social media accounts and delete any evidence that they were involved in past scams upon the collapse.

This tactic can be seen in that individuals try to hide and indemnify themselves from any wrongdoing before moving on to the next scam. Unfortunately this has the opposite effect as it gives the impression that these promoters were aware the companies they were promoting were scams since the beginning, and the only reason they promote these companies is for personal gain.

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