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Andrew Eaton


Andrew Eaton is a career multilevel marketing (MLM) promotor having been involved in Lifestyle Galaxy, Karatbars and the Karatbars reboot FreeBay and Gold Standard Bank (GSB). He is member of a team called GiHugeness, that at its top consists of Andrew Eaton, Bruce Hughes and Brendon Earp-Jones

Personal Life

Andrew is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and considers himself a conservative pro-lifer. He holds strong anti-vax beliefs and did not achieve a single distinction in high school.

On the 29th of June 2022, Andrew along with his cronies sent a legal threat from Otto Krause Attorneys demanding we remove the information we have on them ( - On the 4th of August 2022 a second letter was sent (

Previous Schemes

Eaton and Tony de Gouveia on promotional material for the 2019 Karatbars convention in Johannesburg.

Eaton speaking at a Karatbars convention.


Social media posts

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