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Andrew Eaton


Andrew Eaton is a career multilevel marketing (MLM) promotor having been involved in Lifestyle Galaxy, Karatbars and the Karatbars reboot FreeBay and GSPartners. He is member of a team called GiHugeness, that at its top consists of Andrew Eaton, Bruce Hughes and Brendon Earp-Jones

Personal Life

Andrew is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and considers himself a conservative pro-lifer. He holds strong anti-vax beliefs and did not achieve a single distinction in high school.

Eaton is listed as a plaintiff in a civil case against a South African YouTube Channel and other individuals. Eaton and other plaintiffs seek compensation for defamation and loss of income suffered as a promotor of GSPartners. As of 2023, the case is still ongoing.

On the 29th of June 2022, Andrew along with his cronies sent a legal threat from Otto Krause Attorneys demanding we remove the information we have on them ( - On the 4th of August 2022 a second letter was sent (

Previous Schemes

Eaton and Tony de Gouveia on promotional material for the 2019 Karatbars convention in Johannesburg.

Eaton speaking at a Karatbars convention.


Social media posts

Eaton incriminated himself in a now-deleted Facebook post. When questioned about his GSPartners debit card he replied the following.

"Chris Scanlon is a great guy! I use his card every day. 
Not sure what your point is but I think you may be referring to his legal case in the US? 
I cant (sic) comment on that because that's his business and not ours, 
but I can tell you I use the card legally every day everywhere I go. 
Thank you for not hating me though. Means alot. (sic)

Christopher James Scanlon was arrested by US authorities at Miami International Airport on Thursday, 25 May 2023 for running an “unlicensed money transmitting business”.1)

In a Yahoo Finance article, published on 26 July 2023, Eaton describes himself as “… a co-founding member of GSPartners”2).

In another advertorial in Forbes Australia, Eaton describes himself as “…a co-founding member and top five earner of GS Partners.”3)

Businessman Charged with Conspiring to Own Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business |
2) | GSPartners Launches New Digital Platform, Paving the Way for Enhanced Entrepreneurial Success
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