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Liz Strutt Malton

Previous Scams


Liz Strutt Malton has a history of scamming the system and using multiple accounts, befriending insiders and making threats and using bullying to get results without verification being completed in order to fund a lavish lifestyle.7). Her well-documented history in promoting, marketing and participating in various scams is a testament that Liz is a career scammer.

Following the disappearance of Johann Steynberg, Liz proceeded to scrub her Facebook account of any information relating to MTI. This is a common exit strategy for promoters and shills to “wash” their social media accounts and delete any evidence that they were involved in past scams upon the collapse.

This tactic can be seen that individuals try to hide and indemnify themselves from any wrongdoing before moving on to the next scam. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect as it gives the impression that these promoters were aware the companies they were promoting were scams since the beginning, and the only reason they promote these companies is for personal gain.

Liz also made a public post saying that she was betrayed by MTI and believed it to be a legitimate business, and she tries to distance herself from the scheme claiming she was never part of the management team. The fact that she was one of the most vocal shills for MTI and her history in scams makes it quite clear that Liz knew MTI was a scam from the day she joined. She had herself listed as a founding member on her Facebook page8), and had created two other pages for MTI that have since been deleted( and She also calls herself Clynton Marks' a “dear friend and business partner” 9).

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