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BTC Global

BTC Global was a Ponzi scheme utilizing bitcoin that facilitated the theft of over $80 million worth of bitcoin at the time from its investors. Payments stopped on 29.01.201813).

There is now an offshoot scam operating as a classical 419, known only as Steven Twain is Back. It has gathered momentum by promising to return all stolen funds after a deposit of over $2500 is made to a BTC wallet controlled by the scammer.

People Involved

BTC Global in the news

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  • Hawks: Bitcoin scam probe into BTC Global still ongoing - News24
  • $50 Million Gone? South African Police Probe Suspected Bitcoin Ponzi - Coindesk
  • South Africa investigates $80 million bitcoin scam - Reuters
  • In-depth Information on BTC Global, its owners and leaders -

Steve Twain: Who is the "master trader?"

The answer to that question might have been given away in the fallout of Mirror Trading International, by Joel Santiago (MTI shill and known repeat offender) who posted the following picture on social media.

BTC Global Suspender

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