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Steven Twain

Steven Twain was the alleged mastermind and architect running the BTC Global scam which saw investors lose more than USD$80m. The BTC Global claimed that trades are backed by Steven, a master trader, that he has 6 years experience trading binary options with consistent success.

His infamous picture where he is posing in a white suit jacket sipping a milkshake has been debated and analyzed on many public forums. Not much is known about Steven, according to top BTC Global recruit Cheri Ward, Steven lead a very private life and he is very shy.

During the time the BTC Global scam was running, no other person ever saw Steven face to face, he never appeared in any videos or marketing material, and he never had any telephonic conversations with anyone. The only evidence of his entire existence is via BTC Global newsletter emails and screenshots of WhatsApp chats he had with other BTC Global recruits.

It is believed that Steven is either a master scam artist that managed to steal millions from unsuspecting investors, or he is a fictional character made up.

Steven had an elaborate exit strategy from BTC Global. When payments suddenly stopped, Cheri Marks informed members that Steven's spouse had given birth to twins. This story was later changed when Cheri informed members that Steven was brutally attacked in his home and his trading equipment was stolen.

Early Life & Post BTC Global

Steven Twain has no public record, known associates (that can confirm his existence) or social media accounts before BTC Global. Once the scam went bust, Steven seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Conspiracy theories abound - such as this screenshot of a FaceBook account -

Steven Twain 2nd Known Photo


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