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Tony de Gouveia

04 May 2021 First Karatbars class action lawsuit in the world against the top SA leaders of Karatbars.

The law firm Vezi De Beer created an email address specifically for the Karatbars case.

kblegal at vezidebeer dot co dot za

Please send the following info to them 1. Date you opened your Karatbars/Karatbit account 2. Proof of how much you funded your accounts with (bank statements or screenshots of your wallet account, preferably both) showing dates of transactions. 3. Screenshot of your dashboard showing your amount 4. Screenshots of your pending withdrawals if any 5. Domicile - The area that you reside in i.e. Pretoria

Tony de Gouveia (full name Antonio Euclides Meneses de Gouveia) is a vocal promotor and kingpin of many multilevel marketing (MLM) companies and scams including Mannatech, Lifestyle Galaxy, Karatbars and its reboot Freebay / Gold Standard Bank (GSB).


Mannatech group photo 207044_10150208427231635_5937180_n.jpg 208786_10150208433106635_2271005_n.jpg 217322_10151657575791635_469159500_n.jpg 260141_10150274055311635_3839096_n.jpg 1403161_472108382905876_1831881003_o.jpg

Lifestyle Galaxy


Lifestyle Galaxy 30629738_10156207139011635_8905878000529046764_n.jpg 37661409_10156448224771635_8909621570620620800_n.jpg 44366661_10156674995136635_51835582338301952_o.jpg 46836948_10156761671896635_8090586601651961856_n.jpg 59677741_2258526227536915_3572436234967973888_o.jpg 60094855_10157162685541635_7327810163753091072_n.jpg 60451550_10157181964506635_5363990900856848384_n.jpg 69381354_10157458742506635_564154837776728064_n.jpg 69467309_10157458753636635_1685710148976246784_n.jpg 69550156_10157458717866635_348235793740857344_n.jpg 69630018_10157458718686635_1616232533203091456_n.jpg 69632139_10157458720441635_2937486411869192192_n.jpg 70514194_10157458720511635_7528327948986744832_n.jpg 75110805_10157660880321635_6775945658361708544_n.jpg antonio.jpg


Andreas Antonopoulos calls out Tony on Twitter


De Gouveia on the promo material for the 2019 Karatbars convention in Johannesburg with Andrew Eaton.

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