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Potential Losses as Stated on the Website

My Daily Choice The average annual income for all Affiliates (active and inactive) during the reporting period was 592.62 USD, and the median annual income for all Affiliates in the reporting period was $0 USD. 74.2% of all Affiliates do not continue with MyDailyChoice after their first year. Out of approximately 84,613 Affiliates that signed up as U.S. Affiliates during the time period, approximately 21,866 were still active at the end of the year.

During the time period, 72,118 of all Affiliates received no income at all. Note that these figures do not represent an Affiliate’s profit, as they do not consider expenses incurred by an Affiliate in operation or promotion of his/her business. The figures above refer to gross income (total income before any expenses are deducted). The expenses an Affiliate incurs in the operation of his or her MyDailyChoice business vary widely. Expenses for Affiliates can be several hundred or thousand dollars annually. You should factor in estimated expenses when projecting potential profits. Such operating expenses could include advertising and promotional expenses, product samples, training, travel, telephone and Internet costs, business equipment, and miscellaneous expenses. Based on a survey conducted by the company in 2018, the average annual expenses an Affiliate incurred were 1,608 USD

Wife of founder, Josh Zwagil, Jenna Zwagil, has taken over Cheri Ward's moniker - Dubalion.

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