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At a Shareholders Meeting, Johann Steynberg handed over a certificate of shares to Clynton Marks17) From the MTI Members Portal -

Over the course of 2020 Mirror Trading International has seen incredible and exponential growth and a need arose to take the company, its structures and management to the “Next Level”.

To this end structures have been put in place for MTI to be managed in the manner fit for a company of its size and operations.

Shareholders’ agreements have been solidified, a board has been appointed in accordance with the Companies Act and a management team interviewed and then appointed based on key skills required to take MTI to new heights.

All management members were then invited to attend a Strategic Conference in Johannesburg where the dream and vision for MTI was explained and reiterated by our CEO, Mr. Johann Steynberg. Through high level facilitation by an expert advisor to MTI, a management organogram was developed, and a strategic alignment process set in place.

The result was a highly skilled, passionate and equipped team that will take MTI into the future as an iconic heritage brand that cares about every member and the little man on the street.19)

Board of Directors

  1. Monica Coetzee (NonExec)


  1. Johann Steynberg - Head of Technical and Research and Development Department
  2. Clynton Hugh Marks - Head of Referral Program and Members
  3. Charles "Charlie" Ward - Head of Strategy Implementation
  4. Monica Coetzee - Head of Corporate Services
  5. Romano Samuel - Head of Member Support
  6. Cheri Ward - Head of Communications and Marketing
  7. Vincent "Vince" Ward - Head of International Expansion
  8. Leonard Wesley Gray - Head of Legal Department

Legalese Regarding Directors - Formal and Informal

Suspicious Investors

Known Promoters

Founders Club

The Founders Club are classified as initial investors who “believed in the dream” and as such receive bonuses that are not available to any other members and are apart from team and trading bonuses. It is said that these bonuses are calculated from a separate pool of investments that the founders deposited.20) But as will be seen, the founders haven't deposited enough to qualify for these returns.

  • Willie Breedt has never put a cent into MTI - yet his founders' bonus was sitting at 1.7146161284965749 BTC at 24 September 2020.
    • In this account- with no deposits - he had also earned 2.4183783807424 BTC as Return on Investment (ROI) - leading to further speculation that some “investors” earn higher trading percentages.
    • His wife, Anche Breedt, deposited a total of 0.9548BTC, and earned 1.4691593008995 BTC from the founder's pool as well as 2.1057318239218 BTC from ROI.
  • Pieter Marais has 9 accounts - of which 6 are in the Founders Club - and had deposited a total of 3.105595023 BTC and received a total of 40.91185198 BTC from the Founder's pool.
    • Of that, two of his accounts had no deposits and still earned a total of 8.760602465 BTC.
  • The total founders pool earnings was sitting at 468.59842499837237 BTC, over and above their trading income of 533.392449163612 BTC. This fact alone shows that the founders pool deposits were not put into a separate trading account.

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